Spinach n chicken with Chapati : Process

Spinach is usually eaten with Ugali, rice or other foods. I decided to try it out with Chapatis.


Here is the process

cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess0 cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess2

Chicken breast, Jalapeño Peppers, Ghee, Wheat Flour, Red onion, Yellow Bell Pepper, Garlic and Spinach.

 cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess4 cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess5 cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess7
Some chapati prep. Cheffin it Tip :Using warm – hot water for to kneading is key.

cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess8 cheffinitup-chapati-sinachicken-pepprocess9
The cooking process. The ability to manage multiple pot n pans is key to get the food from pan-to-plate without having to warm anything. The Bell Peppers, Jalapeños and onions went in last. This way they maintain their colour and texture.

oh the flaky goodness.


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