Mush-Nom CucumBurger

What to pick as a topping for burgers if I could only have one….Mushrooms or Cheese…


I gladly did not have to choose in this case.

cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger0 cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger1

More often than not, my burger patties will be seasoned. Some chillies, chopped garlic, Curry powder and oil for these burgers.

cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger2 cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger4

Coleslaw with Cucumber, Red Onion and Cilanto.

cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger5 cheffinitup-mushnom-cucumburger7

Spread the Mushrooms around the cooking surface to brown them without them becoming soggy.


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