Local Eats : Mama Samaki in Adams

One of my regular places to get Fish when in Nairobi. Found her through my Mom who in turn found her through her Sister.


Sizes and price range from 200 KES, 250 KES, 300 KES, 350 KES and 500 KES. Tilapia are the most commonly found Fish in Kenya. Most come from Lake Victoria in Western Kenya, but other forms of Fish farming are expanding. The fish is commonly Deep fried then added to various kinds of sauces and eaten accompanied by some veg n Ugali.

The fish do not seem to be seasoned, but as they are fried in the same il there is a natural seasoning of sorts to them.

I tend to get the 350 KES fish. I prefer to have ti fried. In some cases I will have the sauce veg and Ugali on the side.

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