Heyllo Chefs n eaters!


Welcome to Cheffin’ it up. This site is for fans of food and cooking. I have been cooking since i was a lil kid. I learned mostly form watching my mom then cooking with her and am confident enough to say thanks to her some of my skills have surpassed her, for example my Chapati game.

This site will be a place to post different culinary exploits and finds. Recipes may be included but mostly you will find dishes categorized into different sections by their ingredients, general culinary inspirations and their suggested meal.

This is how I usually prepare a meal. I walk to the store with a few ideas of what to eat and but whatever comes first. If you are that kind of person that just walks into the kitchen sees some random things and thinks, what can i make out of these? You can come to this site and find some ideas then post your results.

I hope the dishes presented in this site can inspire you to expand on recipes and dishes you are familiar with and try new combinations you may not have considered.

2 thoughts on “Heyllo Chefs n eaters!

  1. Was looking for your site when you commented earlier, and found this. Cool stuff – I am a chef by trade (writing doesn’t make any money for me yet.) Mouth is watering looking around here.

    1. Oh kewl. Thanks alot. Good to have praise form a professional. Id say i am a seasoned amateur at best when it comes to cooking, wanted to spin this into an app and potentially use it as a food system for a game (similar to what has been done in Final Fantasy XV They stole my idea!!!! haha). Hope to move forward with that soon.

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