Cheffin’ it up : Whole Wheat Pasta and Turkey Giblets Stir-fry

Whole wheat pasta. made this dish with the Giblets that came with the Thanksgiving Turkey.


Food images tend to have a certain presentation when the elements are separate, I actually remember eating different parts in succession while younger… When it comes to rice and pasta dishes will more often than not crate a stir-fry of sorts.

cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.00 cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.06 cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.04

Above pictures are some of the prep.

cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.07 cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.05  cheffinitup.wholewheatpasta.02

Above are the chopped up Giblets then the adding of the pasta.


Nom Nom Nom.

Whole wheat pasta has a fuller taste to it and seems to make me feel more drowsy than I remember the more conventional pasta doing. I admittedly have greatly reduced my gluten intake though.

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