Cheffin’ it Up : Whole Wheat Lingine, Mushrooms and Bacon

A Whole wheat Linguine, with Bacon, 3 mushrooms (Shitake, Cremini and Button) and cilantro inspired by Spaghetti alla Carbonara.


Prep below


Bacon was lightly fried, and mushrooms were chopped and fried in the renderings.

cheffinitup.whwhlingbacoshroom.00 cheffinitup.whwhlingbacoshroom.03 cheffinitup.whwhlingbacoshroom.01

As you do with carbonara I whisked an egg in a large bowl, then tossed it together with the Bacon and freshly drained pasta. This will cook the eggs somewhat and create a delectable creamy sauce.

cheffinitup.whwhlingbacoshroom.02 cheffinitup.whwhlingbacoshroom.04

3 more pictures because this was delicious.


Nom Nom Nom.

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