Cheffin’ it Up : I made a Turkey.


This past Thanksgiving I finally had the opportunity to make my first Turkey. Rocco and I called it freindsgiving and had a great time with the event.

  cheffinitup.thanksgiving.13 cheffinitup.thanksgiving.01

Made the cranberry sauce the night beforecheffinitup.thanksgiving.02cheffinitup.thanksgiving.03cheffinitup.thanksgiving.04

ze turkey was the main attraction.

cheffinitup.thanksgiving.07 cheffinitup.thanksgiving.06

Cranberry sauce and Broccoli n carrotscheffinitup.thanksgiving.05

Julianne made this great vegetarian Stuffing.


Peter made the crunchy Candied Sweet Potatoes. (not yams but sweet potatoes! 😛 )

cheffinitup.thanksgiving.09 cheffinitup.thanksgiving.10cheffinitup.thanksgiving.11

It was Tasty.

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