Cheffin Ideas : Eggs, Burrata n Rice

Happy New year. Have finally edited some images for a bunch of upcoming posts. Apologies for the down time. Shall start off with some simple ideas


Scrambled Eggs with Burrata, Ham and Cilantro, with some Baby Carrots and Burrata Cheese.


Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Cilantro with some Bacon and Red Bell Peppers


Had some leftover rice from an order of Chinese food. Next day took it out of the fridge. scrambled an egg in some butter, tossed in some thinly cut white cabbage added the rice and a splash of water to steam it up, then spiced it up with some Old Bay Seasoning.

One thought on “Cheffin Ideas : Eggs, Burrata n Rice

  1. I guess adding the rice part if left to interpretation! I added it to the pan once the bacon had crisped and fried it for a few minutes before adding the egg. I also fried up some mushrooms and added them to the mix. A bit bland but add some soy sauce to the finished article and your taste buds will be buzzing

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