Cheffin’ Ideas : SanFran Breakfasts

An assortment of Breakfast Ideas.

Prosciutto, Griller Mushrooms and Sunny-side Up Eggs on toasted English Muffins, wiht some Asiago Cheese.

cheffinitup-bacon-mutanteggsf-00 Got these eggs in San Francisco. Mutant twin yolks. There were 2 of these in a carton of 12 eggs. Microwaved some left over chicken Linguine topped with shredded Monterey Jack Cheese to go with the breakfast. Pasta fro breakfast. Yes.

Sautéed Mushrooms with a deli Meat spread.  Gouda cheese and the meats on and English Muffin.

This… this was so nom. cut some Chapatis into quarters, put some cheese in the middle, topped with some cold cuts and lettuce and a Sunny-side Up egg. Accompanied with some Black Tea.

Scrambled Eggs n Bacon. Basic. Wasn’t going to include it, but the picture was so dreamy.

How Sandwiches come together.

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